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Alone, ask yourself…

When you haven’t gotten the corner office and you want to manage the expectations of your career…. Better to ask these questions early in your career, if you can.

· Did we picture ourselves then where we are now?

· Did we abandon the big dream early or late in life?

· Have we dared to achieve even one small piece of that dream?

· Are our monuments big houses and expensive cars, empty and little used?

· Are our heroes those appointed by appointees?

· Have we just quit, decided to sit the game out, resigned ourselves to doing little except live off someone else’s generosity and largesse?

· Is our lot in life determined by bad luck or bad decisions? Do we make excuses?

· Are we pathetic wards of the state? Do we take more than we give?

· Do we appreciate that we are citizens of the noblest enterprise on earth, a republic devoted to an ideal: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? And that all of us are equal in the eyes of God?

· Are we grateful, humble, and work at our craft, pay our taxes, help our neighbors, enjoy a wholesome hobby, and in the words of Michelle Malkin (an inspired professional writer and determined mother) “thank God every day we can live life one precious spoonful at a time?”

· Are you where you thought you’d be 40 years ago?

Here’s the trifecta to professional happiness: it may help your piece of mind.

1. Find something you love.

2. Find something you are good at.

3. Find something you’ll get paid for.

Most of us get only one in this life. Some get two out of three, which is awesome, like a 1% club.

Three for three? Ask a professional golfer.


Thanks for reading these blogs on Last Cube on the Left or the Corner Office: Managing the Expectations of a Career. There is never one key rule or element, but if we must boil it down it is this…

Do your best. Be at peace that sometimes your best might

not be good enough. But you have to try…

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