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From the Corps to Corporate... and Points in Between...

Why lean into a punch? These essays are meant to help you dodge the haymaker.

Thanks for reading a few entries I have recently made. There are another 20 or so, and I will share them over the two next months. These are not lessons guaranteeing success... I prefer to think they will assist you in avoiding unnecessary failures. We have all had successes and failures great and small, but why trip yourself when it isn't necessary? If I had been given this advice 35 years ago, when I left the Marine Corps, I might have received fewer lumps.

I would not have changed a thing except how I reacted when handed an opportunity.

If you are transitioning, this is light and easy reading. If you have walked an uneven or broken path and wondered what happened, this could help going forward. If you are disappointed with your status, reading this may be a look in the mirror. If you are nostalgic for what could have been, then share your experience... it's free, right?

I will take a brief hiatus from Aug 20 to Sept 4. Keep cool, keep the faith, and remember: if you are smiling, you can say anything you want. The receiver will not likely be "offended," but will give it right back to you.

This corps2corporate blog is apolitical. If you like political discourse, try my political blog using a fictional character holding high office, and her journey to the top. ourcultureinchoate(dot)com. If you enjoy historical fiction, check out my webpage on two Civil War novels I wrote... kevinhorganbooks(dot)com.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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